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Top 10 Trance Tracks of All Time for You to Enjoy

Trance is my best favorite type of electronic music because it is the most uplifting of mine. Trance is also able to break down tracks into deep emotional meditations that can take you away into another world you want to travel. Trance music is a great one for working, working out and for relaxation. Whenever you want to change atmosphere and mood, just try hearing one song on the internet, and then download it from YouTube to MP3 Converter. Refresh yourself with that song every time you want. These are my favorite trance tracks that I have heard throughout my life. Enjoy it!

This list was originally going to be ten tracks, but that just wasn't enough, so I decided to extend it out to the top ten.
I think most of us have heard this song, and you should know that it is awesome.
2. Rank 1 - Airwave
This is such a great easy listening trance jam. As always Rank 1 has amazing string synths that bring you in emotionally.
This one is a classic. I really love the melody in the middle of the song where it breaks down. It's amazing.
This track is awesome for the hardcore part at 4:41. The first time I heard it, I didn't even know what was going on to me. It's one of a unique mix of instruments to me, and everything fits together perfectly. It becomes my best favorite song ever since that time.
This is an underrated track that has one of the coolest parts ever in a song. The only problem with this track is that it is on the short side, and all the longer remixes don't have this same sound.
This song has a beautiful melody with a great atmospheric vibe. Alex Morph always has some of the most emotional melodies.
I first heard this track on the friend’s radio. This song just builds and moves you.
This guy just knows what he's doing. The solid releases all around.
This is standard Tiesto: unique sounds, great beat, great melody, and great atmosphere. This is just a solid track all around.

What an awesome melody this song has. Orjan Nilsen is certainly no stranger to writing uplifting trance, and this is no exception. This one always brings me up :)

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8 Websites Offers Best Educational Videos

As a blooming of technology, Internet users discover more and more benefits that Internet serves us daily. There is no doubt that The Internet is creating miracle things in all aspects of life. Notably, education proves how fantastic Technology can be.  Instead of simple hard books with theoretical knowledge, visual aids are applied in studying and teaching, which motivate students by the epic lessons with real images and sounds. Educators find all ways to simulate the lessons for the most effective lessons.

As the best understanding of this trend, we now witness more and more sites which support valuable videos for education. Both teachers and students can visit for better learning. This article will indicate you eight sites which supporting effectively for education.
YouTube EDU:
Coming at first, we cannot mention to YouTube EDU. As you know, YouTube is the host of million videos in all aspects of life such as Music videos, Entertainment videos, and Educational videos. Currently, this enormous site creates a particular channel that major in education as offering lessons, videos, lectures and more for teacher and student use. YouTube Downloader will be an excellent choice in case you’d like to download them to your Device for offline watching.
Backpack TV:
This site likes a huge library by offering various sources of videos on the academic subject and specific topic. Almost items on this site relate to textbooks which all students are studying. By this way, they can find and go deeply about the knowledge supplied textbooks at school.
Educational Videos:
Here is a useful site that was supporting a wide range of educational videos including Dance, piano learning to videos of subjects at school with a user-friendly interface.
For learners, this site is much useful by providing various programs and course for online studying. Moreover, learners can cultivate their knowledge and skill by joining workshops or distance learning.
Teachers can find numbers of valuable videos targets high-school aged students. Furthermore, this site offers free more than 2500 math and science videos.
iTunes U:
This application is from Apple Company, which supporting a vast online catalog of free education content from leading institutions. Typically, this app is evaluated highly by iPhone users with its convenience.
Math TV:
As a specific site for Math, Math TV quickly gets favor from Internet users who love to study about algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus from the basics to any detailed further study you require.

There are lots of useful websites supporting the most important aspect of life - Education. Besides these six valuable sites above, both teachers and students can explore a big world of educational videos that contribute a lot in motivating learners to study better. If you love to store any videos you need, you can use to download them quickly and easily on your device.

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Discover a Free Legal YouTube to MP3 Converter and Downloader

The Internet dedicated users a mass of free music which allows everyone to download and enjoy. Nonetheless, everything is not fine, always. YouTube is a stunning example for how difficult you if you want to download a music video at. Luckily, there is some YouTube to MP3 downloaders that are legal and free. is a web tool which plays roles as a YouTube to MP3 converter or SoundCloud Downloader. 

Why does it offer no payment?
Using Ads is the way we keep users in free payment. To avoid distracting users, our designer tries to set a smart strategy for displaying ads reasonably the site promise to maintain the ad with the right place, right time with the right people. By this way, the site saves users lots of money plus the great experience on the site; there is no reason to not choose to download any songs you love. 
Why is this YouTube downloader legal?
Is downloading videos from YouTube is legal or not? There is an exact answer for this question. It might be legal or illegal as well. If users are in these below cases when they download, their action is fair:
Legal cases:
- Download to use for the individual target as offline watching, teaching.
- Download copyright videos when you have already paid credit
- You’d better post the statement "no copyright infringement intended" when you use YouTube videos.
Illegal cases: 
- Download a YouTube video that was uploaded without the consent of its copyright holder
- Reproduce, copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit or purchase their videos without owners' permission.
- Downloading YouTube videos that do not have the "Download" button.
- You have no authorization to download a YouTube video that is not yours
When you are in legal cases, is a good MP3 converter and downloader to gain the target

Though this issue remains controversial, Internets users witness a steep rise of YouTube downloader as well as YouTube to MP3 converter. By this way, users can easily download any song they love and completely be able to convert to MP3 for storing in Portable devices. Nonetheless, users should be conscious of the legal and illegal term before doing any action to avoid unwanted punishments.

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Five Best Rock Song for Learning English Effectively

Listening to music in a foreign language is an excellent way to learn vocabulary – just find the words online and use a dictionary for anything you don't know. Or just have songs playing while you do your homework. I’ve searched and chosen some songs which are easy to understand and can be found on YouTube for you to hear. What you can do is listen to it and enjoy the melody of the song. You also can download it directly from YouTube to MP3 converter if you think hearing online is not enough. They are truly brilliant music!
Top songs for learning English

When you have a 'crush' on someone, you like them, and this song describes this perfectly. Paramore is very popular in England and has written lots of songs, so try “Misery Business” and the more recent “Still Into You too.”
Not being seen as the happiest song ever written, but it's breathtaking. You will not regret when to let this song in your playlist. If you want a more lively song by the same band, try Mountains, Bubbles, or Born on a Horse.
This band was popular in the 1980s, not now, but their music is still dynamic. This song also can go through all the days of the week. And who doesn't love Fridays?! Some of this band's songs are slightly odd, but if you like this, let’s try Boys Don't Cry or Close to Me.
It is a fun song with a cute message. If you want to figure what content of the message is, let try to hear it as soon as possible. I’ve seen this band live for two years at a music festival in Liverpool, England, and they were cool.
The perfect song to refresh your mind if you're stressed! This band also makes amazing music videos which are almost like short films – the video for this song is based on the horror film “The Shining” and is available on YouTube. More brilliant songs from 30 Seconds to Mars include “Kings and Queens” and “This is War.” 

We hope you enjoy listening to these songs – who knows; you might find your new favorite band accidentally! Look out for more posts with songs from other styles of music.

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Music Creates Positive Effects In Sport and Exercise

During the last two decades, people have allowed to use music as an effective tool to intervention to achieve a range of desirable psychological and performance effects among athletes in sport. They have implemented many tests to find out how music influences mood, affect, emotion, attitudes, cognition and behavior of people, especially athletes. And experts realize that the psychophysiological effects of music relate to the influence of music on a range of physiological factors, such as heart rate and respiration rate.
Listening to music when cycling

Music exerts an ergogenic effect when it improves physical performance by either delaying fatigue or increasing work capacity. This fact often results in higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.
In support of theoretical research, many famous athletes have been seen using music to gain their performance. For instance, the American swimmer Michael Phelps, who won 7 gold medals and set 5 world records at the 2007 FINA World Championships, reportedly listened to hip-hop music before his races in order to get focused and psyched up (‘More questions with Michael Phelps’, 2007). This status is believed as the best way to narrow his attention to focus on rapper Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics: “Yes, I’m the best, and no I ain’t positive, I’m definite I know the game like I’m reffing it.”
When accompanying training and workouts with music, researchers have suggested connecting music with the exercise that meets the following five criteria to achieve benefits to performance as follow:
(1) strong, energizing rhythm; (2) positive lyrics having associations with movement (3) rhythmic pattern well matched to movement patterns of the athletic activity; (4) uplifting melodies and harmonies; (4) associations with sport, exercise, triumph, or overcoming adversity; and (5) a musical style or idiom suited to an athlete’s taste and cultural upbringing. Choose tracks with different tempi, to coincide with alternate Low-, medium-, and high-intensity training.

Research has also proved that if you listen to music when doing any exercise such as: practice gym, aerobic, dance or even sing out loud, you can quickly have inspiration to do that work better. You can find many kind of music that appropriate to your demands and your type of sport at We also receive a lot of confessions from people who usually plays a sport that they really like the feeling of hearing music when moving.  Most of them don’t have much time to listen to music online; so they choose another solution like searching the song that they want to hear on YouTube, then Convert YouTube to MP3 to get the mp3 file. Then they place them on their phone or iPod and bring them when doing exercise. That idea is very easy to do and to see the result. If you want to try, let’s try it now!

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Convert YouTube to MP3: Legal Or Illegal?

Internet users can get quality videos from YouTube which ranks at the third largest platform with billions of valuable videos. It’s easy to find the beloved video with some simple clicks. According to a steep rise of downloading videos from YouTube to MP3, we witness more and more MP3 converters. Nevertheless, this term remains controversial. Some people say that this action violates the YouTube copyright whereas others claim that it’s suitable with the need of internet users.
First and foremost, some people claim that the converting of YouTube to MP3 cause bad effects on the benefit of video creators on YouTube. By directly watching on YouTube, users surely have to watch or click on the advertisement and the profit is coming from this source. When we download videos from YouTube to the device we normally use. Consequently, YouTube and Video creator can’t take advantage of advertisement.
Nonetheless, lots of users argue that how Google and videos creators can control what users want to do. They absolutely download and edit these videos on their devices from other resources. For many thoughts, they believe that this action of downloading videos from YouTube is not illegal, only using them to sell and distribute violates the copyright. Thus, YouTube owners should fix this problem instead of downloading limitation which is not up-to- date action in this present time. Internet users always in the desire of own whatever they love on The Internet.
Furthermore, Google allows Internet users to convert YouTube to MP3 format which proving that this action is completely is legal when users are in good aims. Internet users can witness a significant rise of MP3 converter with the better quality as,, and more. Especially, facts have shown that Converting YouTube to MP3 file is legal in Germany. Here is a free place to watch and download videos from YouTube and other substantial platforms. However, when you sell or distribute these videos that mean you are violating the copyright and please stop instantly before any punishment is applied. All things considered, we advise you to get acknowledge about the copyright of this issue in where you are living before performing this controversial action.

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Top 10 Best SoundCloud and YouTube To MP3 Converters

Millions of music lovers get good treats for their music passion from surfing on YouTube and SoundCloud day by day. Currently, these two substantial platforms meet almost requirements of people who are crazy about music. Listening music wherever they go seems the best thing they want to deserve. That's the reason why we witness a steep rise of people who desire to convert YouTube and Sound Cloud to MP3 format which is the most popular with portable devices as iPhone, iPod, Zune, Zen and more.
There are lots of inconveniences users might encounter during conversion process as downloading or installation for Free version; registration for online version; and high payment for a quality converter. The developers of YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3 converter continuously research and create top 10 best SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3 conversion tool which significantly decrease the above troubles. Most of these valuable tools offer an easy-to-use way to convert for some clicks with the needed video or audio URL.
Users can find the latest functions at this new conversion tool. has been launched as a free online SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3 conversion tool. It's hard to witness the fastest and most convenient tool as this tool. takes music players a high-speed conversion and treats them the best quality sound of the converted files. This tool has dedicated users the simplest way to convert video or audio to MP3 due to requiring no payment, no downloading or registration. Here is a must-try MP3 converter which meets all needs of converting YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3.
Clip converter mainly offers to convert video or audio form YouTube and Vimeo to MP3, MP4 format. This converter is a free online conversion tool which is fast and simple conversion tool. Besides, this tool allows users to upload the converted site. Music lovers who are favorable in YouTube and Vimeo watch with the aim of uploading the converted files should select this converter.

Anything to MP3 gives music players a great experience in converting YouTube, SoundCloud and more to MP3 format. has eliminated most of troubles which might occur during conversion process such as downloading, registration, requiring payment, bad quality, and slow converting time. Users feel pretty good with this simple and fast converter. We freely convert video or audio from SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo and more to MP3 which is easily compatible with the portables devices including PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, Smartphones, PSP, Zune, Zen and more.

This tool is a valuable tool users should try with numbers of strong points as being compatible with most of modern browsers, unlimited free conversions, and no software installation. Users feel impressive with this easy-to-use MP3 conversion tool. Though takes users more time than Anything2mp3, it deserves us more selections of conversion files. This conversion tool gets a good fit with the aim of various converted files.

Video2mp3 is stunning by the various platforms which music lovers could take the video URL from including MegaVideo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Myspace, and YouTube. To serve all need of MP3 converting, this tool offers users a free online action with good quality of converted MP3 file.

Besides offering converting video from YouTube to MP3, users can upload the ready-made mp3 file to the iTunes library which serves users listen to music whenever they go. This tool has dedicated the best service on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Further, users can diversify the conversions file as avi, mp4, mov, and wmv not only mp3 file.

This tool allows users to convert video from YouTube to MP3 file in a fast and easy way. is a free online conversion tool which tends to the simple trends for the fast-speed conversion.

8., which is a good looking MP3 converter, strikes with the best quality sound of the converted file. This web tool mainly converts video from YouTube to MP3 and MP4 format at the same time. Stunningly, users are in multiple video quality options which deserve more exactly the needed MP3 files.

This tool has impressed users by the fastest conversion time with the two simple steps; converting 10+ videos in just a few minutes. That's an amazing conversion speed! The web tool allows users convert video from Mac, Linux, PC, and iPhone. Furthermore, users also choose the various conversion files from the multiple bars.

Users find a wide range of useful features in this MP3 conversion tool as Free service, compatible with most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera) or operating systems (Windows, Mac Os and Linux).However, the requirement of registration in the last step has caused users unpleasantly. Here is the inconvenience which decreases the favor of this MP3 web tool.

Some people say that YouTube to MP3 converter is stealing music in other word; nonetheless, we completely disagree with this statement. The developers spend their precious time to research the needs of YouTube and SoundCloud to MP3 format to create these useful MP3 converters which spread the music passion more widely. In general, these MP3 conversion tools are created following the needs of users. According to each aim, users can select a perfect fit tool which gives the best experience in the conversion process.